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H.264 Encoder 1.5

H.264 Encoder 1.5: Freeware to encode video file to H.264 video format H.264 Encoder is a freeware to encode popular video files to H.264/AVC video format; H.264 can encode video with approximately 3 times fewer bits than comparable MPEG-2 encoders, more info about this can be found in With the friendly interface and design, you can easily handle this software without any help, this encoder is one simple and easy-to-use tool for beginners.

Encoder Wizard ActiveX 3.0: Encode/Decode Base64, Quoted-Printable, UUEncode, yEnc, MD5,HMAC MD5, URL ..
Encoder Wizard ActiveX 3.0

Encoder Wizard is a collection of two ActiveX (ocx) controls, Encoder Wizard and Decoder Wizard. These two controls allow you to fully support the Base64, Quoted- Printable, UUEncode, yEnc, MD5,HMAC MD5, URL, SHA-1, and Binary 2 Hex encoding methods. You can Encode and Decode data quickly and intelligently. Base 64 is the Encoding Method usually used for Binary files in MIME messages. It is also used to encode data for special characters accross

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RSP Multi-Media Encoder 1.0.0

This is an application to encode or convert media files in multiple formats Multi-media encoder is an ffmpeg based encoder and decoder supporting all the relevant audio and video formats , it can detect the input format if not provided , the encoder quality is very good and very fast , the number of formats and codecs is very large , and best of all it is very easy to use

audio, convert, encoder, video, mpeg, vc vc6

PDF417 Encoder Premium Package 4.1: PDF417 Encoder & Fonts empowers you to print Telepen  Barcode
PDF417 Encoder Premium Package 4.1

encode ASCII and Extended ASCII characters. Solution for MicroPDF417 barcode is also included in the package. crUFLbcs.dll has a IPDF417 interface. IPDF417 interface has 2 methods: Encode and EncodeCR. Encode accepts only one string parameter as input. it returns encoded code words. Encode(strToEncode) EncodeCR accepts 7 parameters as input. It returns encoded codewords. EncodeCR(strToEncode, index, MaxRow, FixedColumn, Security, CompactionMode,

pdf 417 barcode, iso iec 24728, iso iec 15438 2006, micropdf417, pdf417

Base64 1.9: Java classes to encode/decode Base64 and Base64u
Base64 1.9

ENCODE. UUENCODE embeds a filename where BASE64 does not. You will see BASE64 used in encoding digital certificates, in encoding user:password string in an Authorization: header for HTTP. The spec is described in RFC 2045. Don`t confuse Base64 with x-www-form-urlencoded which is handled by or Base64u. Base64 armouring uses only the characters A-Z a-z 0-9 +/=. This makes it suitable for encoding binary data as SQL

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Text Encode Converter for win and mac 1.0: Batch convert text character encode(utf-8,unicode,gbk,big5,shift-JIS,euc-kr)
Text Encode Converter for win and mac 1.0

Encode Converter just does plain text conversion, fox example it can convert .txt text files, .php files, .xml files, .html files and more from ansi encode to utf-8 encode. Text Encode Converter is not a file format converter! fox example can not convert PDF to text or anything else like that. This is a terminology mistake that people new to computing sometimes make, mixing up the words “encode” or “encoding” and “format”. Text Encode

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PkEncode 2.0

Encode is a software development kit to encode PDF417 barcodes and then generate digital images. The SDK comes with dynamic link library (DLL) for Windows95/98/2000/XP/NT. PkEncode supports Text, Numeric and Byte Compaction modes. Each symbol can encode 1850 ASCII characters in Text Compaction mode, 1108 bytes in Byte Compaction mode, or 2710 numerical digits in Numeric Compaction mode.And PkEncode supports error correction level 0-8. It also supports

encode, pdf417, image

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